Automate Replacement Processing

Use 1035YellowPages Web Service to integrate accurate replacement data with your order entry and new business systems.

1035YellowPages Web Service electronically accesses reliable ceding carrier data resulting in consistent input, improved replacement communications, tracking and reporting. Achieve the best turn-around times possible while reducing “not-in-good-order” transfers. This solution supports both traditional and paperless straight-through processing of replacements.

Instantly merge reliable Ceding Carrier contact information into: 1035 exchange / transfer forms, replacement request letters, documents, workflow follow-ups, user interfaces, pending policies and reports. 1035YellowPages Web Service eliminates the time it takes to locate, read, copy and manually insert the correct ceding carrier data.

Addresses, fax numbers and XML routing information is electronically pulled into various applications for seamless mailing, shipping, faxing and paperless replacement processing. The 1035YellowPages Fax, Hardcopy and XML indicators help ensure that order entry and carrier to carrier replacement requests are sent in the most cost and time efficient way possible.

Automatically associate and track replacement requirements to each pending transfer. This ensures that replacement processors have the correct ceding carrier requirements prior to sending the replacement packet. Requirements are never overlooked and replacement form exceptions are instantly identified.